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Leaked cases reveal new iPhone button placement
News - April 13, 2014
We have heard rumors that Apple will release two new iPhones this year. It is widely believed that we will see an iPhone 6 that is similar in size to the iPhone 5S, but thinner with a slightly larger display. The other rumor we ...read more

Fixed: iPhone going straight to voicemail
How To - April 03, 2014
Have your friends been telling you that your iPhone goes straight to voicemail when they call you? The chances are, the fix is quite simple. It has to do with your Do Not Disturb settings. Go into the Settings icon and then tap...read more

Office for iPad reaches 12 million downloads in one week
News - April 03, 2014
Microsoft appears to have a hit on their hands. Office for iPad was released a week ago and it has already been downloaded 12 million times. Office was expected to be popular on the iPad, but 12 million downloads in one week is i...read more

iPhone users should dump Gmail
News - April 02, 2014
A little more than a year ago Google dropped Exchange support for iOS devices. Before Google crapped on millions of iPhone users who depended Gmail, iOS Mail and Gmail via Exchange was the best way to get push mail on any device....read more

New iPhone 6 digitizer leak
News - March 03, 2014
Whenever a new iPhone is in the works we see purported leaked photos of parts. Sometimes they are legitimate, and sometimes they are not. We have seen leaked photos of the body of the phone, now comes another purported image of ...read more

Microsoft Office for iPad coming soon?
News - February 14, 2014
According to ZDNet's Mary Joe Foley, Microsoft is working on a version of Office for iPad, and it may show up sooner than we think. Microsoft has apparently acknowledge that they are indeed working on Office for iPad, but it was ...read more

Alleged iPhone 6 images leaked
News - February 12, 2014
Alleged iPhone 6 prototype images were leaked online today. MacRumors got the heads up and posted several clear images of what looks like the exterior body of the iPhone 6. There is no way to confirm the authenticity of the imag...read more

iPad most wanted Valentine's Day gift in UK
News - February 11, 2014
Is the iPad a romantic gift? Is it appropriate as a Valentine's Day gift? Apparently people in the UK think so. According to the Telegraph, the iPad is the most wanted Valentine's Day gift. Rakuten's Play.com surveyed 1,000 ...read more

Apple designer quits, then blogs about how bad it is to work at Apple
News - February 11, 2014
For most of the tech world Apple seems like the place you want to work. It's a huge company that would be nice to have on your resume, and there seem to be perks galore. For designer Jordan Price however, working at Apple was mo...read more

Send top secret messages with Wickr
Software Reviews - February 11, 2014
Every since Edward Snowden leaked details of the US Government’s surveillance activities, Internet users have been looking for a secure way to communicate. Although services like Apple’s iMessage, and BlackBerry’s BBM claim to be ...read more

iPhone 6 concept is gorgeous, but we will never see it live
News - February 07, 2014
Don't you just love those iPhone concept photos and videos? They come out periodically and tease Apple fanboys with what could be. Ciccarese Design has some new iPhone 6 concept photos out today and they are gorgeous. Too bad w...read more

Steve Wozniak says Apple Should Make an Android Phone
News - February 07, 2014
Woz was interviewed by Wired recently, and gave his thoughts on Apple making an Android phone. Really? Who cares? Woz was a brilliant engineer in the early days of Apple, but that doesn't mean he would have, or could have turned...read more

Did Samsung ask Olympic athletes to cover Apple logos?
News - February 06, 2014
A report has been circulating that Samsung asked Olympic athletes to cover all non-Samsung logos during the opening ceremonies. Samsung gave Note 3's to Olympians as part of their gift bag, and several reports insisted Samsung re...read more

iPhone 6 design supposedly finanlized
News - January 22, 2014
Rumors about the next iPhone have been circulating for awhile now. As usual, there has been no official comment from Apple, but every analyst has his predictions. We have heard that Apple will launch two new iPhones in 2014. On...read more

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