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Apple Spring Forward event set for March 9
News - February 26, 2015
Apple sent out invitations today for a media event entitled, "Spring Forward." The event will take place on March 9 at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Theater in San Francisco at 10am PT. Apple has not mentioned what the eve...read more

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Toyota won't offer CarPlay or Android Auto for now
News - February 23, 2015
After fighting for the last 8 years for smartphone and tablet dominance, Apple and Google are both trying to get into your car. Both companies have platforms for car systems and they are trying to convince the auto companies to c...read more

Google adds native iPad support to Inbox
News - February 19, 2015
Google's latest attempt to revolutionize email is their new app called Inbox. Released last year, Inbox promised to change the way we use email by grouping different categories of emails together, and guessing at what is importan...read more

Dropbox adds Save to Dropbox extension
News - February 17, 2015
Dropbox updated its iOS app today with a much needed feature. One of the frustrations with Dropbox on iOS was the inability to upload files to Dropbox from any app. Apple attempted to solve that problem with their Share Extensio...read more

BlackBerry sues Typo again over Typo 2
News - February 17, 2015
Typo, the keyboard company backed by Ryan Seacrest isn't having much luck. The company was sued by BlackBerry over its original iPhone keyboard, and BlackBerry won an injunction against sales of Typo's keyboard. Typo went back t...read more

Phorm morphing touchscreen keyboard
News - February 12, 2015
Phorm aims to bring physical buttons to touchscreen devices, sort of. Phorm is an iPad mini case that includes a special film that acts as a screen protector. The back of the case contains a slide lever that when pulled, makes b...read more

Apple enables 2-factor authentication for iMessage and FaceTime
News - February 12, 2015
Apple released 2-step authentication on many of its properties in 2013 but there were still holes in the armor. Today, Apple has rolled out 2-step authentication for its communications services, iMessage and FaceTime. 2-step aut...read more

Starbucks app now supports Apple Pay
News - February 11, 2015
Starbucks has updated their app to support Apple Pay. What does this mean for users? It means you can reload your card using Apple Pay. Previously, Starbucks supported Paypal or credit cards for reloading the card. With Apple ...read more

JetBlue to offer Apple Pay in flight
News - February 10, 2015
JetBlue is in the process of upgrading their in flight payment systems with iPad minis. This provides the perfect opportunity to offer Apple Pay in the sky, and that's exactly what the company will do. As you can see in the video...read more

Teen charged with murder after sending Snapchat selfie with corpse
News - February 09, 2015
File this one under dumbest criminals ever. A Pittsburgh teen was charged with murder after he apparently took a selfie with the corpse, then sent it out via Snapchat. According to the Pittsburgh Tribune Review, Maxwell Marion M...read more

Hospitals testing Apple's HealthKit
News - February 05, 2015
When Apple announced HealthKit it, the announcement came with little fanfare. Apple CEO Tim Cook touted it several times, but the feature wasn't completely baked and it never really got viral traction. After all, most people sim...read more

Typo ordered to pay damages to BlackBerry
News - February 04, 2015
The keyboard company backed by Ryan Seacrest has been ordered to pay damages to BlackBerry for its original iPhone keyboard case. A federal judge ordered Typo to pay more than $860,000 to BlackBerry for violating an injunction ba...read more

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