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Apple sued over 2011 MacBook Pro video card issues
News - October 28, 2014
Many users who purchased a MacBook Pro between February 2011 and May 2012 have had issues with Apple's use of a certain AMD video card. The discrete graphics have caused many users problems, and Apple has basically been silent on...read more

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I miss my iPhone 5
News - October 27, 2014
As I do every launch day, I bought the latest iPhone. This time I chose the iPhone 6 over the 6 Plus. The iPhone 6 is more powerful than the 5 or 5s, has a longer battery life, better display, and is better in almost every respe...read more

Apple reports record $42.1 billion in revenue
News - October 20, 2014
Apple released fiscal Q4 2014 numbers today and they killed it! So much for all those Apple doubters. The Q4 financial report included 39.3 million iPhones, 12.3 million iPads, 5.5 million Macs, 2.6 million iPods, and $13.3 cash...read more

Every Yahoo Mail user should check this setting immediately
News - October 11, 2014
Do you use Yahoo Mail? I do. I've been a Yahoo Mail Plus customer for over a decade. I moved my main accounts to other services, but I still use Yahoo Mail for some things. A few days ago, I noticed mail I received from Yahoo ...read more

Is your iPhone 6 getting hot?
News - October 03, 2014
Does your iPhone 6 heat up randomly? Mine does. It took me awhile to figure out why, but all of a sudden my phone would get hot and I wasn't even using it. It turns out, most of the heat happens when I'm downloading something. ...read more

Does the iPhone 6's reachability really work?
Hardware Reviews - September 26, 2014
When Apple decided to make the iPhone bigger they introduced a new feature called Reachability. A double touch of the Home button brings the screen down so you can reach the top with your thumb. It works, but double tapping the H...read more

Apple experiencing several mis-steps in a row
News - September 26, 2014
The world's largest company and most valuable brand has been taking a bit of a beating in the media lately. Just after the company launched two new iPhones and media reporting of Apple finally being "Tim Cook's Apple," things don...read more

Don't believe the fanboy media. iPhone 6 is a two handed device
News - September 24, 2014
A large portion of the tech media is made up of Apple fanboys. No matter what Apple does, the fanboys love it. I'm an Apple fan too, but I'm not crazy. I've seen review, after review, after review, tout the iPhone 6 as the best...read more

The iPhone 6 is disappointing
Hardware Reviews - September 22, 2014
The title says it all. I'm disappointed in the iPhone 6. Why? There are several reasons for my disappointment and I'm not exactly sure how to state it best. It seems like Apple is simply chasing Samsung rather than sticking to...read more

iPhone 6 causes iTunes Match to download over cellular data
News - September 21, 2014
My iPhone 6 should be able to download my iTunes Match data over WiFi. It can, but the default setting seems to override WiFi and I found out the hard way. I got my new iPhone 6 and synced it to my Mac. Everything seemed fine a...read more

iPhone 6's size will surprise many users
News - September 16, 2014
The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are almost here. Many users chose to purchase the iPhone 6 Plus thinking it was the flagship phone, and I predict many of those users are going to be very surprised at its size. If you are someone who has...read more

First video review of the actual iPhone 6
News - September 08, 2014
Leave it to someone in China to get their hands on the first iPhone 6. This video review was leaked out of China and it appears to be the real deal. The iPhone 6 is fully functional and the reviewer says it is fast. Someone has...read more

iPhone 6 event confirmed
News - August 28, 2014
Apple has sent out invitations for a product launch event on Sept. 9 at 10 a.m. PT. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out this event is for the iPhone 6 launch. The event will be held at the Flint Center in Cupertino,...read more

Apple launches iPhone 5 battery replacement program
News - August 22, 2014
Apple has acknowledged a small percentage of iPhone 5's have defective batteries. The company is now offering a free replacement battery program for those iPhones affected. Apple says only a small percentage of phones sold betw...read more

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