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Edward Snowden says iPhone has secret spyware
News - January 20, 2015
Does the iPhone have secret spyware that can be turned on without a user's knowledge? We have never heard such a claim, but that is apparently the opinion of Edward Snowden, according to a recent report. Edward Snowden’s lawyer,...read more

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Lawsuit against Apple for faulty logic boards dismissed
News - January 11, 2015
Apple had a win in court this past week. A California judge threw out a lawsuit against Apple for selling faulty logic boards. The lawsuit accused the company of selling logic boards it knew were defective. The suit also claime...read more

Happy Birthday iPhone
News - January 09, 2015
The iPhone is 8 years old today. It was January 9, 2007 when Apple famously re-invented the phone by launching the iPhone. Steve Jobs gave the best keynote of his life, and changed the mobile landscape forever. Before January...read more

iWork apps for iOS and OS X get bug fixes
News - January 09, 2015
Apple has updated its iWork apps for iOS and OS X today. The update promises bug fixes and stability improvements. All iWork apps including Pages, Keynote, and Numbers on both iOS and OS X were updated. You should receive a notif...read more

T-Mobile announces roll over data stash
News - December 16, 2014
Competition is fantastic isn't it? T-Mobile continues its "uncarrier" moves as it announces a data roller program. In 2015, T-Mobile will start offering to save user's unused data in a data stash for up to a year. The roll over...read more

Typo launches iPhone 6 keyboard case
News - December 09, 2014
Typo, the Ryan Seacrest-backed company once sued by BlackBerry, is shipping a new keyboard case for the iPhone 6. Unlike previous versions of Typo cases, this one does not look exactly like a BlackBerry keyboard, and is designed ...read more

Ringke iPhone 6 slim case
News - December 02, 2014
I have tried several slim cases for the iPhone 6 and I think I have found the best one. Most slim cases do not provide full coverage of the phone. They usually keep the top and bottom of the phone exposed. Even Apple's cases le...read more

Users complain about iPhone 6 screen scratches
News - November 25, 2014
Apple just can't catch a break with the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Right out of the gate users were complaining about iPhones that bend. Those complaints have largely died down, but now a growing number of users have a new complaint. ...read more

Apple releases iOS 8.1.1 update
News - November 17, 2014
Apple has released iOS 8.1.1 for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. The latest release of iOS is targeted at older iPad 2 and iPhone 4s's. Older devices took a performance hit after upgrading to iOS 8, and Apple is trying to keep peop...read more

iTunes Match on iOS 8 is buggy
News - November 17, 2014
Are you an iTunes Match subscriber? I am. I pay Apple $25 per year and I have access to my music on any of my Apple devices. The only problem is, iTunes Match is seriously buggy on my iPhone 6. First of all, if you go to Set...read more

Steve Jobs movie casting announcement imminent says Sorkin
News - November 15, 2014
Aaron Sorkin is working on a new Steve Jobs movie based on the biography by Walter Isaacson. The question of who will play Jobs has been running the rumor mill for awhile now. Leonardo DiCaprio was set to play Jobs, but he passe...read more

iPhone 8 concept is gorgeous
News - November 13, 2014
iPhone designs ideas pop up from time to time and we have seen a string of people who give Apple gorgeous suggestions of what the next iPhone should look like. Usually the concept is of the next iPhone to debut, but in this case ...read more

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