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How to stop autoplay HTML 5 videos in Safari
News - April 12, 2017
HTML 5 videos set to autoplay are so annoying. There are extensions for browsers like Chrome and Firefox that will stop the problem, but Apple has not released anything for Safari yet. Unfortunately, even ClickToPlugin does not ...read more

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iTunes 12 for Mac won't remember window size or position - FIXED
News - November 29, 2016
My installation of iTunes 12 would not remember my window size or position, and a splash screen would flash when the app was launching. I tried everything and could not get it to work correctly. Apple won't allow you to remove i...read more

This iPhone 7 case includes a headphone jack
News - September 29, 2016
If you have an iPhone 7 and it's driving you crazy not to have a headphone jack, you may want to check out the Fuse case. This is an Indegogo product so we don't know if it will actually make it to market, but the Fuse case is go...read more

Apple has gone too far!
News - September 21, 2016
I love Apple and its products. I have so many Apple products at this point my apartment looks like the Apple Store. I'm usually a big fan, but recent iterations of Apple products make me think they are choosing design over funct...read more

Apple’s 2 factor authentication prompts for 4 digit code on Apple TV - Solved
News - September 04, 2016
My Apple TV prompted me for a 4 digit verification code instead of a 6 digit code. What? If you have 2 factor authentication turned on for your Apple ID account, you are familiar with receiving prompts on all of your Apple device...read more

Opera launches free VPN iOS app
News - May 15, 2016
Opera has launched a new VPN app for iOS that is free to use with unlimited data. The company bought SurfEasy VPN last March, and their new app runs on that service. Opera, the browser, has been around for years even though they...read more

Will Apple kill the MacBook Air?
News - May 15, 2016
Apple's WWDC conference is coming up next month, and the rumors are already flying. On June 13, developers will get to see Tim Cook and team on stage announce the new products for 2016. Most people believe the MacBook Air will g...read more

Tim Cook opens up about FBI fight in new interview
News - March 17, 2016
Tim Cook is not taking this fight with the FBI laying down. After a fairly long interview on ABC recently, he has now been interviewed by TIME magazine. Cook is obviously bothered by the government's use of the courts to try and...read more

Tim Cook rejects FBI request for back door into iPhone
News - February 17, 2016
A California judge ordered Apple to help the FBI unlock the phone of one of the terrorists involved in the San Bernardino attacks. Following the order, Tim Cook says Apple will resist the order and appeal. The FBI wants Apple to...read more

Apple should build an iMessage Windows app for iPhone users
News - January 27, 2016
iPhone users love the security and convenience of iMessage. If you're a Mac user, you can also use iMessage from your desktop or laptop computer. Mac users can also send SMS messages from their desktop using Continuity. But wha...read more

Apple acknowledges iPhone 6s battery bug
News - January 18, 2016
Users of the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus have been complaining about battery life for some time now. Apple has discovered a bug that is frustrating some users. Apparently, if you change your clock manually, or change time zones while ...read more

Apple names Jeff Williams as Chief Operating Officer
News - December 17, 2015
Apple has a new COO today. The company was without a COO since Tim Cook left that position to become CEO back in 2011. Apple Named Jeff Williams Chief Operating Officer. It is believed that he will be groomed to be a possible su...read more

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