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Apple won't sell cellular service directly to consumers
News - August 04, 2015
So much for Business Insider's sources. Yesterday, Business Insider reported Apple was testing a way to sell cellular service directly to consumers by starting a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) service of its own. The ...read more

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New Apple TV coming in September?
News - July 31, 2015
Is an updated Apple TV arriving in September? According to the rumors a new Apple TV with Siri and an App Store is headed our way in a few weeks. According to BuzzFeed News, Apple will announce the new Apple TV at the September ...read more

Apple Music can't even please a die hard fan
News - July 22, 2015
Apple launched its new music service, Apple Music, this month and it looks like not everyone is happy with it. If you look at Apple fan sites (we all know who they are), they are raving about Apple Music. One Apple Blogger howev...read more

Apple Pay goes live in the UK
News - July 14, 2015
Apple Pay is live in the UK, finally. Apple fans in the US have been enjoying Apple Pay for awhile now, but the UK fans have had to be more patient. Apple has already announced partnerships with retailers like Lidl, M&S, the Pos...read more

Apple is making iPhones with Force Touch
News - June 27, 2015
If Bloomberg is to be believed, Apple suppliers are already making iPhones with Force Touch. Force Touch allows the phone to know how hard you are pressing on the screen. Originally debut in the new MacBook for 2015, Force Touch...read more

You can sign up for Messenger without a Facebook account
News - June 24, 2015
Facebook is finally allowing people to sign up for its Messenger app without having a Facebook account. If you are willing to give them your phone number, and a picture, you can use Messenger. That's not a bad deal for the compa...read more

iOS 8.4 and an iTunes update set for June 30
News - June 08, 2015
Apple announced a new version of iOS 8.4, and a new versions of iTunes will be released on June 30. These updates will be necessary for the new Apple Music service the company announced today. Apple Music is a streaming music ...read more

Apple finally fixes Shift Key issue in iOS 9
News - June 08, 2015
Apple did not make a big deal about the Shift Key in the iOS keyboard at today's WWDC 2015 Keynote, but they have indeed changed the behavior of the keyboard significantly. Historically, the iOS keyboard has only shown capital le...read more

Apple recalls Beats Beats Pill XL speakers over fire safety
News - June 03, 2015
Apple has announced a recall of all Beats Pill XL speakers because they could potentially cause a fire. Apple said in a statement, "in rare cases, the battery in the Beats Pill XL Speaker may overheat and pose a fire safety risk....read more

Apple to compete with Google Now
News - May 27, 2015
Apple is apparently working on a competitor to Google Now. According to Mark Gurman of 9to5mac, Apple is working on a project codenamed "Proactive" which will provide relevant information to users based on Siri, Contacts, Calenda...read more

Apple Watch gets its first software update
News - May 20, 2015
The Apple Watch has been out for about a month now and Apple has just issued its first software update. The latest update includes performance improvements and support for seven new languages. In order to update the watch, users...read more

Office downloaded 100 million times on iOS and Android
News - April 24, 2015
Microsoft has been morphing itself from a software company, to a device and services company. Since new CEO Satya Nadella came on board, the company has been focused on making its apps available everywhere. Office is the number...read more

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