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Rumored iPhone 6c rear shell leaks
News - March 30, 2015
Rumors are flying that Apple will release another 4-inch device this year. Most people think the 4-inch design will be in keeping with the current iPhone 5c and Apple will launch an iPhone 6c with a plastic shell. Now we are sta...read more

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Apple TV gets CNN Go and more
News - March 26, 2015
Apple is continuing to add channels to the Apple TV. They recently added channels for TED, Tastemade, and Young Hollywood, and today they have added CNN Go. You still need to have an account to authenticate to before you can wat...read more

Two user experience issues Apple should fix now
News - March 24, 2015
I love AirPlay. If you have an iOS device and an Apple TV you probably use AirPlay. You can mirror your device on your television, or you can stream content from your device to your TV. When AirPlay first launched it seemed lik...read more

Apple refunding MacBook Pro owners
News - March 18, 2015
Apple has FINALLY admitted a problem with some 2011 MacBook Pro's video cards. After many years of user complaints, Apple decided to refund owners of 2011 MacBook Pros who paid for service relating to video issues. The company s...read more

Facebook announces Messenger payments
News - March 17, 2015
Facebook has announced a new feature for its Messenger app that will allow users to send money to their friends. The service works via debit cards added to your account. To send money simply start a chat in Messenger then tap th...read more

WonderCube looks like a must have smartphone accessory
News - March 13, 2015
I'm always skeptical about crowd funding backed accessories. I have purchased a few winners, but I've also been burned. WonderCube looks like it could be a winner. The WonderCube is a tiny 1 cubic inch accessory that fits on you...read more

Tim Cook says ResearchKit is a game changer
News - March 13, 2015
Apple CEO Tim Cook made a surprise call to Jim Cramer on the 10th Anniversary of his show ,"Mad Money." Cramer is obviously a fan and was effusive about Cook and the job he is doing at Apple. During the call, Cook spoke of sever...read more

iTunes, App Store, iBooks Store, and iCloud experience outage
News - March 11, 2015
Apple services are in the midst of a service outage today. The outage started at 5:30 EDT and affected iTunes, App Store, iBooks Store, and even iCloud accounts. What was initially thought to be a temporary outage turned into an...read more

iOS 8.2 installs Apple Watch app that cannot be removed
News - March 10, 2015
Apple pushed the iOS 8.2 update yesterday after the company's Spring Forward event. The update includes stability improvements and bug fixes, but the main focus of the update is obviously Apple Watch. The update installs a separ...read more

Google finally releases calendar app for iPhone
News - March 10, 2015
Google has finally released a Google Calendar app for the iPhone. Google released a calendar app for Android last year, but iPhone users were left waiting. iPhone users can subscribe to Google Calendars using the native iOS cale...read more

Apple releases iOS 8.2
News - March 09, 2015
Apple's Spring Forward event was held today and the company just dropped an update for iOS. The update takes iOS to version 8.2 and supports the new Apple Watch. As you know the Apple Watch relies on the iPhone for connectivity ...read more

Apple reinvents the MacBook
News - March 09, 2015
The big Apple Spring Forward Event was held today in San Francisco. The world expected it to be an Apple Watch event, but there were other big announcements at the event. Apple announced a new redesigned MacBook. Built for port...read more

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